Books, books, books!


In the world of self-development, numerous works have been written that could be considered ‘bibles’.  As you are likely to already be familiar with them, I thought I would recommend a few outside of that box which may prove interesting or useful.

Therapeutic Journal Writing by Kate Thompson
Journalling can be a useful tool – it helps to track and review your thoughts or feelings.  You can try out an idea, examining the pros and cons in private, or you can use it as a source to vent and put something behind you.  This is a fairly short book and has bags of useful exercises to get you started.

The Emotionally Absent Mother by Jasmin Lee Cori
An emotion-laden book which will enable understanding of the cycle whereby your mother became emotionally absent, through full comprehension of the impact that had on you, finally on to working the healing magic.  The poem on the inside leaf will set the tone.  You may need to take your time over reading this book.

Its like the Philip Larkin poem (you know the one :  “they **** you up your mum and dad”), but kinder and with a better solution than having no children yourself.

Taking the big leap by Suzy Greaves
This book is dubbed as a ‘coach yourself’ so you may well wonder why on earth I include it in my list of recommendations? I understand that there may be reasons why you prefer to take the journey alone, that there may be practicalities over your attending life coaching sessions. Having this book as your guide would be no bad decision and I can say that as one who once followed it alone.  One tip – don’t read it in public in case you get caught by an unexpected moment of emotion from a seemingly innocent chapter – commuter trains, never the best places for a surreptitious weep.   Even these years later, I remember …
I’m still looking for a book on boundaries that’s neither overladen with the science or too preachy.  If you’ve found one, or have any other book recommendations you’d be willing to share, do please tell me about them.



© 2015 Caring Coaching
originally posted 27th April 2015

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