Self Care and Self Responsibility – is it being selfish?

I was first introduced to the concept of selfish care by Toby when we trained together.  The wording of the term jarred, but as he elaborated, it just made such great sense.  As he described it, if each person in that room was to take care of (or responsibility for) their own physical safety, their […]

Fear of failure

As soon as I read this on All But the Kitchen Sink, I knew that I wanted to share it.  It resonated, it spoke from the heart and the questions on the checklist were useful and insightful. So my grateful thanks to Trista Cornelius for allowing its reproduction here. It took me years to realize […]

Books, books, books!

In the world of self-development, numerous works have been written that could be considered ‘bibles’.  As you are likely to already be familiar with them, I thought I would recommend a few outside of that box which may prove interesting or useful. Therapeutic Journal Writing by Kate Thompson Journalling can be a useful tool – […]

Choosing what next …

Some lucky souls have always known what their path is – and they follow it successfully.  Their passion is both singular and clear.  But for many of us, our passion isn’t singular, or our skills are such that they can be applied in a wide-ranging series of opportunities.  Yes, we need some methodology to help […]

Faking it till you make it …

How many times have you heard that said?  And privately wondered how on earth to go about it?  If you have the chutzpah to pretend, easy!  But what about those who are an open book, totally unable to hide their emotions, so completely lacking in confidence that they physically shake?  For those of us, tools […]