I’m not depressed! But my life is depressing …

Recognise this statement? Been to see your healthcare professional recently? Experienced that head tilt, rapidly followed by the offer of anti-depressants?

It goes without saying (at least I hope it does) that if you do have depression, you should grasp that prescription before heading pronto to an appropriate talking therapist (and here’s the place to find one).

But, if like so many, you’re simply fed up with the life you’re currently living, what can be done about it?

The problem is there’s so many reasons for life depressing a person, for feeling constantly tired, worn down by illness, lacking in enthusiasm for another day just like the one before. Even when you know what could help, finding the energy to make those changes can feel like too much to ask. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be focussing on some of those reasons.

But for right now, whilst having someone listen to you can be great … just listening isn’t always enough, is it? Sometimes you need help working out what aspect of your life is depressing you, and what change will have the most impact. You need a plan, one that works by generating enthusiasm, not leaving you feel overwhelmed. A plan leading to a life that has you waking up filled with energy and anticipation for each and every day.

Take the first step here. Fill it in, if you’d like help with making that new plan, then get in touch to arrange your free initial consultation.


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