me-2Throughout my professional life, I have been driven to make a difference and for me that difference is made by coaching. Relationship and life balance are areas in which I have worked, the area I specialise in is that of enforced change. For change isn’t always about pursuing a dream, or about setting goals for personal development and career advancement, it can also result from trauma or loss, when something unwelcome has happened to you.

Challenges requiring acceptance and adjustment have happened throughout my life.  As a child, growing up surrounded by civil rest and civil war, and a subsequent English boarding school education, gave me a good start in acceptance and adjustment to difficult and strange circumstances. Bringing up my daughter as a single parent gave me a whole new set of insights and perspectives. At 50, a long term relationship breakdown left me readjusting socially and financially. Following a diagnosis of breast cancer, I reappraised my chosen professional path. Further challenges presented themselves when my father developed heart failure, Alzheimers and Vascular Dementia. Over a relatively short space of time, this resulted in my having to adapt and face life-changing choices which, whilst distressing, left me with no regrets.

I can only stress the truth in the the mantra : even when you can’t control what happens to you, you can control your response.

You cannot judge anyone who’s made different decisions to your own. We all have to make decisions based on what we can live with at the time.

So, when life has given you lemons, know that I will provide you with a safe place in which to examine your options and face up to the changes. I will understand and empathise with the fact that this is not a journey you are seeking to take, nevertheless I will get you across that bridge from trauma to your new life, whether it takes sympathy or empathy, encouragement or prodding; by questioning you along the way to ensure you check out all the options and making sure you remain focused, or simply by reminding you that there is a lovely new life out there for you if you can accept and embrace the enforced change, to make it work … for you.