About Me

me-2Who am I?  I’m Debbie Carey, a Life Coach with a background in Humanistic Psychology (if this is a subject you’re interested in, I’ll happily elaborate).

Warm, perceptive and empathetic, a balance of direct and kind, with a bunch of common sense.  Most of all an active listener, with good analytic skills; I draw out the best in my clients.

Loaded in life experience – I’ve been a single parent, a mature student, a late-life career changer, supported elderly parents through illness and dementia – I understand the stresses of juggling competing demands, as well as the challenge of not losing yourself, or your relationships, whilst doing that juggling.

I don’t follow only one life coaching style, believing that my clients are best served by being treated as individuals.  There are multiple solutions available, picking the combination that is best suited to you is where I come in.



Some things you’ve said about me …

“Deb has many qualities including intelligence, empathy, tolerance, perception and patience. She also seems unshockable! Her analytical nature really helped me to explore my options.” 

“In a time of crisis, it was nice to have someone so non-judgemental to speak to.”

“Thank you for always listening . I am standing up for myself and taking back my free time.  I know I will always stay too busy as that is just my nature, but I will be busy doing things I want to do. I am so looking forward to next year!”


Email   /   07795 597177