people talkingJust about every variation of talking therapist is asked “how long will it take?” Sadly, the answer is “it depends” … on the nature of the issue, how much progress you’ve been able to make alone, whether there’s more than one issue involved.  It could be a short as just two sessions – one to discuss the issue and the next to decide on an action plan, or it may be more complex and take longer.

There won’t be any rambling along in an unstructured way though, we can programme in advance, but also remain flexible if we make better than expected progress. Any longer term work will be reviewed regularly and is also likely to involve taking breaks from consultations for reseach or reflection.

Consultations are generally an hour long, although I can offer a small number of 90 minute consultantions, together with some weekday evenings and the occasional Saturday morning.

Consultations are available face-to-face, or via Skype/telephone.

What you can expect from me


  • Absolute confidentiality
  • A safe space in which to express yourself
  • Planning how to ward off challenges
  • Solutions to keep things on track
  • Support in acquiring the skills and confidence to pursue your goals

What I can expect from you


That you are ready …

  • to move foward
  • to change your life for the better


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