Life Coaching

Change is like a bridge, you just have to cross it(1)

What is Life Coaching?
Life Coaching is all about change. How to make it, how to decide what change to make, how to react when change happens to you.  A Life Coach is there to help you navigate that process.

For some, change is a breeze. They’ve long known their dream and they’re clear on how to achieve it. But for others, it can be more complex and for those, the job of a Life Coach is to ask the right questions and provide support while choices are made and change takes place. That’s it in essence.

But of course, there’s more to it than that. How does a coach know what the right questions are and when to ask them? How do they get you to talk about your fears, how do they uncover and resolve blocks and limitations you didn’t even realise you had? The answer is with a combination of training and the right interpersonal skills. With a long-term interest in psychology and neuroscience, I get particular satisfaction in working to uncover what change needs to take place, and in helping to resolve blocks and limitations which are preventing change.

My life experience lies in dealing with enforced change – with change that happens to you. I’m a great advocate of talking therapies and will refer anyone who’s better suited to those skills.  But there comes a point when there’s a natural parting of the ways, even with the best of therapists. They’ll have helped you to resolve trauma, even to accept the inevitability of change. As you can see from the image above, I see bridges as a metaphor for change. Your therapist will get you on to the bridge, but you still need to cross it, and to decide what direction your life will take thereafter; that’s where a Life Coach comes in.

How does it work?  We start by having a conversation, during which we fully examine the challenge(s) you are facing with change. We look at the available options and you try them on for size. Throughout the process, I’ll be working to identify any underlying issues which could be making the process of change more difficult for you.  I won’t be giving you the answers, for the answers are individual to each and every one of you. But I will make sure that there’ll be no staggering along in the dark.

Change can be downright scary, but there’s a safe place for you here whilst you make your way across that bridge.