Life Coaching

4782947What is Life Coaching?  Life coaching is when you seek assistance in clarifying why your life isn’t how you want it to be and what you can do about it.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  But it’s funny how being too close to something makes it difficult to see the wood for the trees.

So, let’s start with some of the potential feelings you may be experiencing: dissatisfaction, doubt, being overwhelmed, bored, stuck, unfulfilled.  You stop to think and realise that your life is lacking in joy, worse that you’re struggling even to find moments of contentment.  Perhaps you feel like you’re just hanging around waiting for that exciting life to happen.

Or, at this point, you may be thinking “Pah, I know all that!  I even know what I want.”  Excellent – that’s a big step out of the way.  If you haven’t already achieved it – are you unsure how to go about it, not confident that you have the skills, whether you’re ready to make the leap?  Could you be looking for some support in order to make the transition?  Perhaps you’ve already tried, but things didn’t go according to plan?  Maybe you need some support whilst you decide whether you need a new plan, or a new aim?

9506551_origHow does it work?  Well, in simple terms, you talk, I listen, I ask questions, you think, you answer them and we talk some more.  Somewhere along that path, the answers become clear.  Sometimes its a slow realisation, sometimes its one of those light bulb moments.  I don’t just tell you the answers – the answers are individual to you after all – but I will make sure all the paths are fully lit so you don’t have to stumble along them in the dark.  Sometimes we’ll be agreeing goals, other times breaking those goals down into smaller bites.  An important part of the process could result in our agreed action being research and it may take time till you’ve gathered it all and are ready to act on what you’ve learned.  There is no set timetable.  Life coaching is about you fulfilling your potential, not about adding a burden to your diary.


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